Wow what a day & night. It started with a trip to the barber shop to make sure i was looking fresh. Followed by a gym work out + spa to get my game face on. Then we took a trip to Beverly Hills for brunch at the Four Seasons hotel, food was incredible and so was the company, Ne-Yo was sitting across from us. After that it was red carpet time. As we walked in LL COOL J was standing next to us, dude looked a million bucks. Unfortunately there were no cameras allowed on the red carpet. shiiiiit. The Grammys were amazing, seeing everyone from Mick Jagger, Rihanna, Drake, Christina Aguilera, Katey Perry, Dr Dre, Usher, Justin Bieber & my personal favorite performance Eminem. He tore the house down as he received standing ovation. I have to admit I really got into the country music, that goes down nicely once you hear it live. Then it was time to hit the after party. Must have been 12,000 + at the party with all you can eat, drink & dance to the live performances from The Roots + many guests & Keri Hilson + guests. Amazing night to say the least.

Four Seasons hotel brunch.

Red Carpet.

About to take my seat.

Eminem & Rihanna performance.

More swagger than Mick Jagger.

After Party.

Keri Hilson.

Wild set up.

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One Response to RUSH AT THE GRAMMYS!

  1. Gloria Sophia says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time. What an experience. Thanks for sharing.

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